What has time done to Steve Shives?!

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  • [ – ] Thorvald793 reply The difference is that five years ago, he was engaged as an atheist and saw himself as a rebel against the system, but now he is a feminists and a part of the system. This shift shows that he knows, at least on a subconscious level, that feminism is the system and that his railing against the free speech of others is an attempt at squashing those who would rebel against his system and by extension his personal stake in that system. In the end Steve has shown himself to be nothing more than a petty authoritarian who was just waiting for his opportunity to hold the whip.
  • jj27 reply 5 years ago I would have got that man a pint
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Steve Snooze, too boring for Bearing, but funny all the same. Thanks for this dic vid.
  • Sharpwing reply It's the damned Lizard people I tellz ya. They ate the real Steve and replaced him with a reptilian drone. The real Steve is probably fertilizing a garden somewhere. Hehe poop jokes :3
  • Muddywaters reply He must have brought a shitload of those caps!
  • Muddywaters reply Was it around the time he started talking to stuffed animals? He clearly had a life changing experience that removed all common sense and logic. I have my suspicions it was a feminist encounter who made him an offer he could not refuse.
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