Thank You (50 Followers) + Shout-Out Contest!

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  • [ – ] ITSnippets reply Nice, no hashtag/follow for fallow bull like others offering shout out. I however with 33 followers dont qualify LOL.
    • [ – ] SYMPLMedia parent reply Damn, i should have just made it if you have less followers than me, but i'll be sure to make another contest with less requirements and no follower threshold at 100 followers :)
      • [ – ] ITSnippets parent reply Actually.. can I make a suggestion? Ask the shot out winners for their YT URL too if they have one and promote both.. This new 50gb limit and the Kentantino incidents leaving vidme a little... segregated.
        • [ – ] SYMPLMedia parent reply Thats a good idea, i"ll implement the YouTube URL as well. Is The 50gb thing actually real? because i've heard rumours but it left me confused. Worrying though as i upload almost daily :/
          • [ – ] ITSnippets parent reply Yes its real.. and Its hear to stay.. I did a video last night (never uploaded it..yet) as I got some abuse for saying what did people expect... its expensive for hard drive space at a corporate level.
            • [ – ] SYMPLMedia parent reply Damn that sucks :/ hopefully vidme makes a video to clarify all the confusion. Understandable why they'd implement it though. looking forward to your video
              • [ – ] ITSnippets parent reply I'll let the heat die down on the 50gig limit before releasing that video, dont want to trend for the same of it. I do have one on upgrading a macbook pro hard drive uploading just now :)
      • [ – ] ITSnippets parent reply It's all good. I was tempted to start a FB group for content creators to share content and help other creators.. avoiding the egotists who are just after their sub for sub self promotion :)
  • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy reply Very cool idea :)
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