The Moon Wins Against the Criminals

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  • [ – ] taiali23 reply Nice video 😊😊👏👏
  • [ – ] j7409skynews reply Oh Man!!!!! You just got clear skies and now they go and do this crap!!!!When they start those extra bright clouds we probab;y are going to have a had time to see the sun halfway right during the day. Good video, but this sucks what they did to your skies. My skies are already so white i can't see hardley anything, will see what today brings. Love you my friend... J
    • Jayling7 parent reply It is criminal in my book. Amazing the progression through the day - we started off with those blue skies, great sun footage then within a half hour BAM! So the day continues, getting whiter and ickier, criss-crossing of their toxic waste to hide things and harm more. While filming the Moon gets taken out within 3 minutes - timing is incredibly important! Anyway, clear skies to us, Jewel! Much thanks and love :)
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