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  • [ – ] BenjiJames Everyone i know whom i talk to about anything related to these "drama" topics where i feel like i can support the people directly, or actually improve upon the situation in some way shape or form, including the current DaddyOFive situation... including my gf, all think i involve myself far too much and don't care to hear about it... and frankly, it hurts, especially when they don't believe there can be a positive outcome because "they're on the other side of the world" or when "i don't know them personally, so why should i care?" Today is so different compared to how things were only just 15 years ago, technology wise. Nowadays, people CAN help out with problems/issues that are on the other side of the world due to technology. I believe that if i can do something, i'll fuckin do it, period.
  • BenjiJames I completely agree with this video! The difficulties are great, indeed
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