The Far-Left’s Online Propaganda & Censorship Campaign

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  • [ – ] BruceShepard1970 reply The leftists want him impeached so he doesn't catch them breaking the law. The more he drains the swamp, the more crimes will be unveiled committed by democrats.
  • TiberiusDuraga reply This is... very totalitarian of them
  • [ – ] Torok0420 reply This Is Treason , What Are These Guys Thinking ?
    • [ – ] pjalmighty42 parent reply Socialist-laden #libtards don't have enough brain cells to think...I presume this is as a result of rampant drug use within their circles...
      • AvidUrner parent reply This is precisely the type of rhetoric that will galvanize moderates and those on the left looking for change against conservative ideas. If you really want the "#libtards" to at least listen to us, then this type of discourse has to be abolished. I suggest you pickup a copy of 'The Conservative Heart' by Arthur C. Brooks for a fresh perspective.
      • Torok0420 parent reply Insulting People , Doesn't Make Them Better ...... Maybe They Are Abusing pharmaceuticals .... or Just Have A Lack of Understanding
  • BlunderingFool reply Waycist? I can do you one better PNG, my pants don't fit. This is literally waistist. =P
  • Politics_N_Games reply If all the propaganda & censorship isn't working by 2020, they'll have to resort back to calling everyone a WAYCIST !!!
  • ITSnippets reply Knocking it out the park again!
  • MaxIzrin reply What a joke! 1. "This is how..." 2. corporate speak 3. ??? LOL 3. "This is how success will look like:" XD
  • Forestal reply So Media Matters' strategy is the millenia-old "Visualizing the Outcome to Make It Come True" technique, aka PRAYER?! IOW, when the right regained power by abandoning religious dogmatism, the left quickly adopted it thinking THAT was what made the right popular/ successful?
  • Ravaging_Madman reply #MakeTotalitarianGreatAgain
  • gNightrow reply Dave Can you please give me feedback on my video on the Lecturers strikes in Colleges in Scotland
  • Waces_Ferpit reply >"Not a fascist ;)"
  • AngelofSorrow reply I'm a Trump supporter but these idiots are putting to much stock on Trump being the catalyst to the conservatives or alt-right. We have always been there, Trump just gave us a reason to speak up. Now that were here and with gen-z being even more red-pilled than ever, this is a futile effort by the left especially since these kind of motivations from left-wing sites keep getting uprooted and exposed on a daily basis, like now. Great work Dave!
  • blazedu reply they are not even covering it up. It's as blatant as it can be. Not even reddit is safe. i hate it.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The main stream media is the weapon of Brainwashing for the Globalist. Trump claimed rightly that he ran against CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Hollywood, Disney, and the Globalist Controlled mainstream media is NO different in approach the Kim Jung Um. The CBC propaganda machine has been active since the time of the first Trudeau. The Multi-culture Marxist propaganda network started to brainwash Canadians during that time. They never present any real news, They only play clips then the Report give us the Globalist interpretation of what to think. They resent every story with a Globalist twist to it. These reporters do the thinking for most Canadians, as they know if they showed the entire clip we will see the truth of what was said. Canadians have grown accustomed to this form of NEWS {Propaganda} as the CBC has become the weapon of all levels of Government in Canada. Trudeau said how much he loves dictators, so he went out of his way to pass Bill M-103. The ISLAMOPHOBIA Sharia Law that any critic...moreism of ISLAM is a criminal offence. Remember Charlie Hedbo, Trudeau is a Globalist.
  • [ – ] JadeJicama reply So, the left would be okay with 'impeaching' Trump in exchange for Pence? The guy who's okay with electroshock conversion therapy? How the fuck would they live with that one?
    • [ – ] blindfire parent reply Pence can be controlled. Pence is a normal politician. Trump is a wild card, he isn't one of their guys. While that doesn't mean Trump is necessarily good, it does mean he isn't one of them (yet). Trump is also someone that excites people, he has his own kind of energy that appeals to people in a way that unsettles the globalists.
      • JadeJicama parent reply It feels weird to me, though, that before the election, the thing I kept hearing was, "Trump has a running mate who believes in electroshock conversion, doesn't that prove Trump is against gays?" and now, they'd much rather have the worse option there...
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