Top 5 - Most Hated Things About Dating Websites

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  • mintteamew reply Online dating is such a bad idea on both sides. I have so many bad online date stories it's ridiculous.
  • Y2JayDoesAsia reply I tried to use a couple of dating websites in New Zealand for I kid you not, about 10 friggin years. I eventually just gave up. Basically what I realized is it's too easy for women to just say no to a man online wheras it's much harder in person. When you actually start talking to/flirting with random women in public places like supermarkets, bookstores, pools, gyms, coffee shops etc. Women are basically forced to give you more time and attention in person than they do online. Online they just click BACK or NEXT if you don't fit thier idea of perfect. If you've shyed away from it, you might wanna give it a go. If you've already tried it, perhaps try again. As a fat overweight yet not terribly ugly guy, I eventually realized that online dating is not as time efficient as meeting somebody in the real world. My fiancee of 5 years, I actually met at a swimming pool.
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