3 Things Vidizens Like About Vidme

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  • JustABloke reply Very good video, it is "the people" who make any platform. For the most part I have met many supportive people and it makes a huge difference when discussions/comments/feedback happens. This shows that people follow for a reason, they like what you share. I've have total admiration for the #vidmestaff even though I avoid them, leave them be and let them get on with it, they are doing a great job.
  • I3UTM reply 1) Since I have never really started on YouTube or interacted within the YouTube comment section, point number one is foreign to me. 2) This is true for up to the first 50 followers. After that, it is harder than Youtube to get "followers" in my short existence on here. 3) I have had mixed results with the Vidme staff more so than the community. I am still on the fence about the staff right now. Anyways, you have a new follower! ^.^
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