Rowing 1996 Augusta, USA Men's Quad To the Dam [2]

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  • urimensrowing reply Guys: Here is some practice video from the '96 US 4x. The stroke is from URI, and started in a summer program here, exactly like what you are doing now. The things I want you to make note of: Overall, the economy of motion; there is nothing "extra". Specifically: 1. Shaft height: There is very minimal up and down. Make note of the blade depth. Joe, Carl, Dylan; all over-lifting and over-burying. 2. Minimal wrist break; The wrists stay pretty flat; forearms generally level. 3. Hands out in front; nobody lets their hands get fouled up in their body. 4. Heads, shoulders "quiet"; everybody's head stays over their center of gravity; even their expressions are mostly neutral.
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