State Of Vidme - Featuring Mugiwara_Ne'coke & Kentantino

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  • [ – ] Tentacle reply On Team Picks: It seems that VidMe at the core does not actively watch the content shared here and instead just selected what is trending or pandering. Problem is that people have caught onto that quickly and have begun abusing the trending tab and have been creating alt-accounts to bump what they’ve made. I’d personally like it removed and a focus placed back on trending. ___ On Community Divide / Communication: Since VidMe’s public rebrand and relaunch (VidMe actually has history of hosting porn) the website has forever structured itself around the idea of community instead of corporations; the video producers, not the commercial brands. Yet as time has gone on, the failure to communicate and consider changes for the community present has begun to reflect the very same problems present at YouTube. The fact we only get answers by actively creating these videos speaking out says it all. ___ On Bias with YouTubers: I’d argue it varies from what channels come to VidMe since man...morey here started or still have YouTube channels. However there are some notable names that have bounced onto VidMe which specialise in the trash clickbait that gets views. With ads soon to be implemented in the near future, it’s those clickbait channels that will likely be earning VidMe money hypothetically and in the end VidMe will want the money. Direct engagement is the core element to what makes VidMe different to YouTube. People are more than happy to not only welcome you, but highlight the bullshit you do in the comments. In the end, the site is still small and creating a bond between creator to creator is encouraged unlike on YouTube currently. ___ On NSFW: Again, VidMe used to host porn. You can find old reddit posts related to it. But seeing as it took two days to remove a stolen fidget spinner vid, imagine what would happen if an organised attack happened regarding NSFW related content? Would be a PR nightmare for VidMe! Making a sub-category for NSFW or allowing users to mark such content easier would help drastically. ___ On Verification: It’s impossible to get noticed without verification. Why? Because categories are locked out when you aren’t given verification and without the ability to appear towards the demographic they are appealing to; HOW THEY GONNA GET NOTICED IN THE FIRST PLACE? You know who doesn’t prevent you from posting in your desired category? YOUTUBE! Categories should not and have never been locked behind verification. Utterly idiotic ___ Overall: Talking directly to your user base is key and regardless of how big or small you are (Both VidMe and creators on this website) is a must. It’s standard and logical practise. From the videos I’ve seen, including this one; it’s very apparent that the lack of direct answers has taken its toll on many here. It’s events like this that can actively harm communities if the correct actions aren’t taken. I do hope answered are provided and peace can be found between the site and its uploaders.
    • whako parent reply THIS. This is the type of comments that I love fully interactive and you discuss your points for everything discussed in this video. I'm liking your stance on these and respect it.
  • [ – ] WildleHouse reply I agree, the big youtubers should not be handed a free pass, i don't care if it's pewdiepie or jacksepticeye they should grind like the rest of us. money is great who doesn't love money,but earn your money earn your views and earn your up-votes. big youtubes should come here. but earn your keep.
    • whako parent reply I agree. Yes Vidme needs to grow but everyone should be treated equally because we all started from nothing at one point and had to grind through the system.
  • [ – ] ItsRaditz reply I hate how Youtubers with millions of subscribers gets featured
    • whako parent reply Imo anyone can be featured but only if they are making great Vidme original content, these creators should be featured for helping the community as a whole and not just themselves.
  • bowgallery reply There's a lot of subjects in this video that I would have loved to talk about. But in order to keep this comment small I'll talk about at least one of them. The fact that some people don't want to talk about these subjects any one of these. It's not always because a backlash but trust me that is a thing. it is a great fear for someone who's channel is not that large and then suddenly that happens just to say their piece. But let's say it's a small Channel why would someone make a video on something that they feel wouldn't have a big impact. Or some would think that would be the only subject people would react to and get attention on that video then see their Channel and realize that it has nothing with what their channels about. That would be one of the reasons why it's hard to get people from other categories on the website on these topics. Especially in a video format. I completely understand the hesitation. Especially if you agree on other people that have been talking about it and ...morehave said it better than yourself so you feel like your voices is a necessary to repeat which has already been said by someone else. So it's not always fear as sometimes hesitation. I hope that last sentence made sense.
  • whako reply Another thing is don't expect these kind of videos for a while as I am on vacation now for a couple of months also i am a GAMING channel just something we wanted to talk about though. Scheduled videos are gaming videos and tutorials!
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