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  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply That sucks. I would much rather have Black Death Metal than Black Death Plague
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply just eat honey it is a bacterial virus, I was bit by a flee at the landfill and lost my gallstone bladder a month after, so they couldn't tell me how it was inflamed but later on I figured it out and I drink organic honey in my tea and eat more foods that have anti bacterial properties in them, plus you can use fresh basil leaf on any sores and it heals them, I have a video on MRSA bacteria and to me all bacteria kills you in the end, so watch my video on how it effects you,
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply there is tones of video's on Lybia showing how the ISIS Islamist's are killing tones of African people
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply what ISIS Islamist's are doing in Africa is no different then what they are doing in the middle east and in Europe and in all western countries they are trying to take over world wide,
  • [ – ] XeysyeX reply Inspired choice of backing music. )
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply you notice the plague is only in ISIS Islamist countries as well as the French Islands
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply maybe when I was bit by a flee I got the plague but I only lost my gallstone bladder a month after being bit, so my body did fight it off but at the time when I came into contact with other people they got a meningitis bacteria I might have spread without knowing it, but I am not infected any more because it was years ago but because of my blood type it effects me less, but bacteria infections are the root of all viruses that make your body weak for viruses to spread in the first place, so when you take organic honey you can live without getting sick or a worse sickness,
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply there is more on this super plague
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply there is long versions of this song for over an hour
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply I had to look up those Islands because I had never heard of them before
  • Star_Wars6collector reply what the hell 2.5 million slaves in the Sudan why was my voice cut off there is says 2.5 lol
  • Star_Wars6collector reply go to comfortronx channel on video to find the video of all the African people ISIS Islamist's are killing in Libya
  • Star_Wars6collector reply Plus new reports coming in about the ISIS Islamist's killing lots of black people in Libya, as I have warned about how the ISIS Islamist's are killing real diversity
  • Star_Wars6collector reply that is the only correction in this video,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply sorry it is not in France yet but an Island off Madagascar, a French Island
  • Star_Wars6collector reply a few little Islands as well plus there is other video's on my plagues list as well, plus there is a new super bacteria but I think it is still the same MRSA bacteria,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply here is the link and most of those places are ISIS Islamic countries now that killed off the real diversity in most of those countries,
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