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  • Sock_Puppet reply So her reply is an appeal to emotion argument, where have we seen that before?.....
  • KingRajTheWise reply A lot of Richard Spencer's ideology aligns with the democrats. He has admitted that he is a socialist. He is for a welfare state, universal health care etc.
  • [ – ] Ticcer reply Errr.. Did I just arrive into a parallel universe, or did I just hear some moron say that RICHARD SPENCER is working for the democrats?
    • [ – ] DarkQuark parent reply You do realize the nazis were socialists right? Nazi type folk (which Spencer may or may not be) and Democrats have the same socialist goals they just disagree on how to get there.
      • [ – ] SarkanDrago parent reply That's what I keep asking and I keep hearing. "But the Nazi were right wing socialist". I'm sorry but taking your shit to give to some one those in charge say are deserving because muh fair share. Right, left stop mattering it's socialism that's the problem.
        • CryptoAndMarkets parent reply Nazi is an abbreviation for national socialism. It is far left indeed, even Hitler collude with Muslims during world war 2 its all open record now
  • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish reply Is it true she divorced her self then went to court to gain custody of the cat from her self?
    • [ – ] SrChalice parent reply I hope to God you're trolling. Cause I'm laughing really hard here but apart of me feels this could be true.
  • Ticcer reply @Sock_Puppet Her response is eerily narcissistic. I remember thinking after seeing most of her interviews that she was drunk with all the attention. The benefit of the doubt put it down to inexperience. But, after discovering more about her history and aligning it with her explanations, I can see she is pulling a HRC "What Happened" moment... i.e. blaming everyone else and coming up with fantastical stories. I mean, come on! The CIA? FFS! She looks mighty stupid at this point.
  • [ – ] Muddywaters reply Good thing its been a quiet week... RPB got the money which is what she was after and would still have the database and site which is after all a bit of code and transferable.
    • [ – ] SrChalice parent reply She played a dangerous game. People have showed up dead for less. That is one brave yet stupid woman. I never trusted her from day 1. It was mostly because she brought nothing new to the table. When I heard her speak on Rubin Report, that's when I first suspected her.
      • Muddywaters parent reply Observation: She is well spoken and rehearsed, not sure if she actually prepared her videos herself as live interactions are not as focused or assured. I think Tree expressed it well when she said this person is a con artist. A good con artist needs convincing body language and rehearsal to sell themselves. They are and she is a believable actor.
  • Texastom reply We told them to go fuck themselves, not go marry themselves. feminist realy don't have a handle on the "listen" part of feminism.
  • SarkanDrago reply Whoe! A no true Scott's man fallacie, Candace Owens a SJW confirmed.
  • draconath reply Oh man we are steps away from needing a therapist
  • deadBeefCafe reply Civilization probably should collapse...
  • OxAcientOrder reply Suit: You might be interested in this one: Home land security (police) arrested a man for paedophilia after posting he is into "cheese Pizza" Remember Wikileaks Emails suggested "Pizza" = little girls
  • whitezombie reply Right we should all double down and not be sceptical Now, where have i seen this behaviour before? Sjw much? Personally i do not give a fart if Spencer is attacking her on twitter or if people are twitting mean things about her. What i do care is who has the data her website collected. We are talking about the personal information of people who had the nerve to be politically incorrect, or even make a joke on line. This shit is dangerous. We are talking blackmail material here. Things that can be used from crime, to the ruining of political careers, to even terrorism. Depends who is in there and what they do for a living. So, who has them, where are they? That is the sixty four thousand dollar question, the rest is garnish to distract you from the fact that the meat is rotten. Sceptical? My dear Candace I am not sceptical I am paranoid. With people like you out there pulling stunts like that, I can not afford to be anything else.
  • SrChalice reply "I can't do this, this is fucking ridiculous"... Haha, now that's good comedy.
  • Ripnow reply So focussing on Spencer's criticism is not an obvious tactic?
  • The_Lamb reply I have said it and now you have as well, "How the fuck do you keep your sanity", wading through all the shite out there ! Glad you do though because it makes me LMAO :) Cheers.
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