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  • [ – ] Rawman reply Using my name for views i see...(joking. Thanks!!).
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Three great shoutouts to wonderful people. They really deserve recognition. My dreams are kind of weird when they're not just straight up nightmares. Most of the time the scale of places in my dreams are huge. Like racing down a 50 lane interstate or in a 40 story mall with the same ground coverage as a regular mall. There will be a bunch of people from years ago pop up. It's not like I saw them that day and was thinking about them. It's like an acquaintance I may have hung out with once or twice eight years ago.
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply All three of them are great! I'm lucky to consider them friends! Wow it does sound like your dream lands are massive! I think that is super cool...Can you move around them super quickly though thanks to your impressive dream capabilities, or is it more like real life and you don't realize it's a dream until you are awake
      • theoldsparrow parent reply Sometimes when I can fly or am in a vehicle I can move super quick. Most of the time I'm walking while everything kind of moves quickly around me.
  • [ – ] danielamann reply People I mentioned: @itsOnlyRawman @KinTailFox and @MarzieMalfoy
  • [ – ] dalestark05 reply great video i enjoy it
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Great picks. They deserve the recognition! :D creative username @hailstorm xP good one
  • [ – ] DoobelS reply Dude, teleportation would be awesome! You could just teleport yourself on a vacation whenever you wanted, would be really good for the environment, too! Great video, Daniel :D Gonna check out those creators you mentioned now!
    • danielamann parent reply I think it definitely would be a great option. I'd teleport all over the world to wherever I wanted to be! It's funny that you mention the environment because a lot of people don't realize how detrimental tourism really is on the environment. I didn't know until I hear a presentation on it in one of my classes and then I realized a whole bunch of things I'd never had realized! I'm glad you liked the video =D
  • [ – ] mathphysicsnerd reply I've been in a car accident that fully totaled my car too. There's this hairpin turn near my house. When I was younger and overconfident (and fucking stupid) I tried going through it at about 60 mph when the speed limit there is about 25 mph. Yeah. Needless to say, I slid off the road and smashed into like 3 trees. I was pretty lucky to have the wreckage get caught on the rotting trunk of a dead tree and be able to climb out of the back passenger window without my glasses rather than sliding into the swamp below. So yeah, moral of the story: speed limits exist for a reason.
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply Woooowza that is terrifying. I'm so glad that you made it out okay because that could have gone super bad. Did you end up injured or did you walk away alright?? I bet you never sped around that corner again
      • mathphysicsnerd parent reply I had a deep cut of my right areola from a piece of windshield glass a swollen black and blue elbow and a giant bruise from the seatbelt. The ambulance people were concerned I might have some nerve damage in my arm from my elbow slamming so hard, but thankfully it healed just fine. And yes, I go slow on that particular part of the road now. Still, we've petitioned my town to get a guardrail for that area; it's literally a hairpin turn on a narrow road next to a 70-80 degree slope that has a few rotting trees on it above an acre-sized swamp. Not exactly a safe area, even going at the proper speed.
  • [ – ] SinglePlayer reply Love @KinTailFox and his stuff. I'll have to check out the other creators more! Great picks and great questions. I know your feels about the car accident. Got in a wreck a few years back. Blindsided while turning left. Still anxious any time I turn left!
    • KinTailFox parent reply Awh! Thanks @SinglePlayer that means a lot 😊
    • danielamann parent reply He is great! I think you'll love the others too =D both are awesome creators and amazing people! Glad you liked my Q+A! I forgot to mention a lesser accident where the car beside me merged directly into me in my lane. That still keeps me on edge. Glad you're safe and well man!
  • [ – ] subtac reply What camera are you using?
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply Whoa! You just skipped right by my question...are you trolling me? Seriously, after you read that the light went out and you came back with what looked like a bong and I was like "Oh! Snap! This jokers bout to take a hit like @CrazyRocky and that's what he does when the camera is off" but then I saw it was a lamp and I was like "'s a lamp...that's cool too I guess"
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply awesome video !!!
  • [ – ] Proto reply Great picks!! All wonderful creatots!
  • [ – ] YourSugoiStrwbry reply Scariest moment for me.. My grandpa almost dying before my high school graduation :(
  • [ – ] VazquezHDTV reply Great video.
  • [ – ] GreyMovies reply "Wow, well thought out with my thoughts, what a novel. Really thought that one through, didn't I?" Yes, yes you did. With your thoughts. Lol, great video!
    • danielamann parent reply Hahahahahah I really thought that one out with my thoughts ;D I thought this comment out with my thoughts too and yeah ;D Really well planned! Glad you liked it!
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply I was in a few accidents but the very first one was the scariest. It wasn't the worst one but I had that anxiety when driving after that as well. It was sort of like that realization that the streets weren't as safe as I thought and I couldn't just take it lightly. Although this one was my fault and I lost my license for a month. After a while I would stop having that fear but every time I'd get into an accident, the same cycle would start over lol
    • MarzieMalfoy parent reply *I haven't finished watching... I just hit Post too early... lol... sorry... there is going to be another comment lol
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply Accidents are super scary, even if they don't turn out that bad. It happening definitely is a "wake up call" of sorts for anyone, regardless of the result. I'm fortunate that nothing major happened out of the accident but it's always scary!
  • [ – ] crissymoss reply I've been in six car accidents, and one motorcycle accident. All but one of them I was a passenger. But, yes, because of those accidents I'm a lot more cautious when I am driving. Also a couple of those accidents were because of deer jumping in front of the car, so when I see animals (or people) on the side of the road I slow down a lot. Accidents really change your perspective.
    • danielamann parent reply Wow! That's no good! That is so scary too! Those sorts of situations definitely change our perspective and the way we handle it in the future. I (knock on wood) have never hit a deer but especially in my area that is extremely common so we have to be really careful, especially in the early morning or around sunset
  • [ – ] USUandS reply Well, I'll see your 76 and raise you an 85!! I rarely play and suck at golf. I also rarely leave this site without having a big bowl of RAWMAN. Love the dude.
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply 76 plus 85 huh? That would be a painful 161! Sounds to me like someone needs a lesson! I know a great golf pro for that ;D I played a lot better today too so that felt good! Rawman is awesome =D
      • USUandS parent reply I need practice I will admit :P and I will take that lesson! That's good though. Honestly, my grandpa and his friends kick my ass at golf every time. And yes, I agree to the 10th power
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply That's too bad about the golf score! Those golf balls! Got a mind of their own, those things. I understand about the car accident. I was in a single car accident where I probably should have died, but instead walked away with only a scratch. I was the passenger and it felt like an amusement park ride spinning out at over 80mph. Happened too fast to be scared. Like you, these days I give drivers in front of me lots of clearance. People cut in, so I give them clearance too. If people behind me get itchy, oh well. They should be giving me lots of space too. You are fortunate to have a partner who supports you so much! Who else is going to call you "grumpy" and "weirdo"? Teleportation would be a cool superpower! No more having to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The "Jumper" novels by Steven Gould really make teleportation sound cool. You did a great video! Even though you didn't have time to do much filming because you were having a learning experience on the golf cours...moree. Good job!
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply Haha the only thing on the mind of my golf balls seems to be that they are afraid to fall in the hole or something!!! HA! It's terrifying to hear that you were in that type of car accident. I'm so glad that you are safe and well. That's amazing that you didn't get hurt at all! I'm super lucky to have my super weirdo, dorky, grumpy girlfriend, right @hailstorm ??? I've never read Steven Gould, I'll have to look him up! I'm glad you liked the video and thought it came together nicely =D Cheers man! I appreciate it!
      • [ – ] hailstorm parent reply Dan's always grumpy, and he's a weirdo and a pain in the butt. But I like him despite these 'flaws'. He's also funny so that's a redeeming quality. Car accidents are scary, don't get in them
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply i love you even though i didnt get a shout out
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