Politician Gets Busted on Camera! And There's an Ironic Twist!

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  • [ – ] DieNetaDie reply we do drug tests for athletes but I pretty sure politicians are more important than athletes so why do we not do drug tests for politicians who hold or are running for office?
    • [ – ] Morticia_Gravesyde parent reply The Supreme Court has ruled that drug testing political candidates would be a violation of their Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable search. Which begs the question: How does that not apply to the rest of us?
  • Loribabich reply Typical Politician out for themselves they vote for how much the lobbyist pays them not for the people. He is probably paid off by big pharma
  • Davie-50calgal reply My first comment in this new universe! Thank you for showing me an alternative to youtube. I don't want people getting hooked on heroin if I have to support them. I don't want to pay for fat peoples medical care. I don't want to be forced to pay for your kid's allergy medicine, and I think it is nuts that you are forced to pay for my mother's blood pressure medicine (which she could easily afford). If we are going to have an FDIC, we need bank regulators. If you want to be able to buy inspected meat and milk we need government.
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