Bible Project Reading Psalm 119 Part Six

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  • [ – ] JohnnyAppleseed2 reply Anybody who has a computer and access to the internet has access to many free online Bibles. Although I do think it is also important that everybody obtain an actual book Bible if they can. But there are several free online Bible sites, which are excellent and 100% free of charge. I type in KJV Bible online or Holy Bible online and you will find several listed. Another good feature is that on most of them you can adjust the type size and even the type font. And most of them have a Bible concordance along with them and you can easily find any particular Bible verse you might be looking for.
    • BibleandBlues parent reply I have a couple on my phone, but I really love turning pages. Plus I like to take away people's excuses. "I don't have a bible" is one I hear frequently.
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