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  • [ – ] JimGiant reply Never seen a stereoscopic arcade game before. Are those polarising glasses?
    • [ – ] Arcade_Heroes parent reply Yep, the same that you'd find at the movie theater. There were a few Chinese companies that made SS3D games that never really saw any action over here; Sega did create an autostereoscopic 3D game with Let's Go Island 3D...I should upload that one next.
      • [ – ] JimGiant parent reply So I'm guessing they have a kiosk at the arcade where you buy/rent the glasses?
        • Arcade_Heroes parent reply It depends on the venue but most wouldn't bother. As I recall with The Swarm, the glasses were attached with a metal cord and if that broke you had to replace it with another or add your own chain/cord. Another one I recently added to the channel, Dark Escape 4D, did the same thing but they claimed it had "special anti-microbial 3D glasses" so that the arcade op wouldn't have to sit there and wipe them down all the time. Probably easier to have a small kiosk or tower with sanitary wipes in it
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