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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply do you think it's better to write it down or using to-do-list apps are just as good? I was thinking that maybe the physical act of writing it down and ticking it off has a different feeling.
  • [ – ] galwaybeard reply Cheers for the tips man. Decided to make the move over to vidme too, on your recommendation, to get more inspired to keep popping out my little videos. Productivity is a rollercoaster for me. Lol. Hows Spain going?
    • dancrivelli parent reply yea same here man, but i am getting into a pretty nice loop. Spain is sweet, will be working in a cafe soon managing their instagram and facebook account pretty stoked.
  • ShinyBigBoo reply "I don't want to give you guys ads; I just want to give you value." That is my new answer to everyone who tells me to use Youtube instead of @Vidme! Nice, I make a list most mornings of what I want to accomplish that day. Absolutely great for the mindset!
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