Grave Robbin' || Masturbatin' || Satanic Rituals || Dog Weddings

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  • DarkQuark reply I tried to watch but after 5 seconds I stuck icepicks in my hears so your voice no longer ravaged them. Well that and your fckin crazy.
  • duffy reply cringing so hard right now
  • Wolfer reply Damn your hair.
  • Brettkeanevideo reply I think I read somewhere that blue hair dye can affect your mental state. God bless.
  • BackSoon reply I'll be the odd guy out and say I don't mind your voice at all. It's cute. I really like your set where you recorded. The lip of the bong in the bottom of the frame, a big heavy chain on your desk, the half full bottle of booze and just the general chaos of your room. Two things I'd like to mention. 1. Great job on your lipstick. Not just the color, but the outline is great. 2. I was starting to think you forgot about the masturbatin part, but you got it in at the last moment. I just want to say that I'd be more than happy to take you up on your offer to eat your ass. Nothing like a good ass eatin to start the day.
  • xpsychorabbitx reply I don't get all the hate Rybi gets. She seems alright, to me. Maybe straight guys don't like the rimjob talk, or something... I don't know.
  • JustABloke reply This is the 1st video of yours I have watched .. you seem pretty normal to me, but please, where is the you-knighted-steaks-of-a-merry-car ?
  • wolfalexzemla reply You don't happen to own a wood chipper do you. Like the hair and everything.
  • DarthEros reply Thats the Infinity Gauntlet! I want it!
  • Markusooi reply crazy funny vlog, and someone likes that kind of content
  • MarkWhippy reply Wow this was a pick by Vidme, congrats Rimbi
  • RealRebellion reply You are perfectly wonderful and precious with or without dyed hair.
  • tct1990 reply I think you could be a Timmy Turner voice over.
  • [ – ] Brettkeanevideo reply Oh boy :/
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