Telltale's Smoke & Mirrors

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  • Ms_K reply awesome video
  • THEARTCORNER999 reply The president needs to see this video ASAP!
  • THEARTCORNER999 reply is that purple haired girl with a bow in her hair supposed to be you?
  • [ – ] BlackbirdFrost reply On the note of Kenny from TWD...THAT is what you call character development. Kenny is an example of what constant loss and hardship can do to a person's mind. Do you really think every good person would realistically stay good, or that every bad person was always bad? As someone who wants to be a serious writer, you should at least grasp this.
    • [ – ] BlackbirdFrost parent reply I'd go a step further to say that your outrage at the character's development is a testament to how good a job they did with him. It seems to have evoked an emotional response. You're upset with how he turned out, and that's exactly how you should be. But it isn't because of poor writing, it's because you loved a character and watched him fall from (what could arguably be described as) grace right before your eyes. That's how you know they've done their job.
      • GooseBoose parent reply No, I'm upset that it's the same repeated shit over and over again. His character ended in Season 1, yet they brought it back and essentially made him the same fucking thing he was as previously. Man with renowned hope now become the same thing he was before. He's irrational, AGAIN, he's unreasonable, AGAIN, people he loved died, AGAIN. IT'S THE SAME FUCKING CHARACTER ARC. Bringing him back served nothing and added nothing to the story. Even for those who liked him, the character shifted from someone who got your back, to this piece of garbage human being who was outrageous for the sake of having a detrimental character. It's like saying "Hey, ya'll remember the good times you had with Kenny? Fuck you, that's not how we intended him to be written out. He was always supposed to be terrible IDIOT". His inclusion, or rather, resurrection, was the writers shitting on the fans. I'm not upset that he turned out that way, I'm upset that he's even in the game. He brought nothing new. We alre...moready knew he was a broken man, so what we're just gonna break him again? What is there to prove with that? Why repeat the same fucking thing we saw in season 1? There is no redemption even! Kenny spirals to a piece of shit insane man in both games. Season 1 has him redeeming himself. Season 2, again, and I cannot stress enough, just shits on the fan's perspective. Fuck it, even people who hated Kenny have nothing to gain from playing season 2. He didn't even CHANGE so people had to deal with his character all over again. Serious writers shouldn't fucking recycle character whose arcs are finished.
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Honestly Telltale games disappoint me a lot, anyone that doesn't care about graphics and just the story itself would play a text adventure or something instead since quite a few of the Telltales games fail with the illusion of choice.
    • BlackbirdFrost parent reply Not every player cares about graphics either. Look at a game like Undertale. HUGE following and popularity with very minimalist graphics. Everyone has different aesthetic likes and dislikes. Cell-shading isn't for everyone, but that doesnt mean they don't care.
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