Armed Girl's Machiavellism is My Guilty Pleasure | The Halfcour Report

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  • [ – ] Mugiwara_Necoke reply Armed girls is greatness! But real shit, I want more reasons to why queen hiding from the mc
    • [ – ] Deonical parent reply I don't think she's hiding. She said in episode 3 that "she needs time to prepare to face you" whatever that means. I can't wait to see them face off!
  • [ – ] fullerSpectrum reply I'm glad I'm not the only one in this position with this show. I actually really liked the first episode and almost dropped it after three. Now I enjoy it for reasons... I don't really get myself. I think it might just be to see how the girls react.
    • [ – ] fullerSpectrum parent reply Also, I wish the fights didn't cut off to a narrator so often.
      • Deonical parent reply Yeah with their slo-mo cuts they'd start talking about strategy which broke the flow of the fight. Pretty annoying but still fun nonetheless.
  • [ – ] OnlyUltimate reply Great video!
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