A Message to The MGTOW Community

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  • [ – ] greenspudtrades reply MGTOW is now in the spotlight. Look at MGTOW 101's channel, or MGTOW University, or Howard Dare, and Sandman has one coming out tomorrow. MGTOW has been hit by the SJWs on YouTube.
    • [ – ] ChestGuyMGTOW parent reply yep. i'm still small time so i haven't been hit but i will when i get a bigger following. especially because i might do an expose on brianna wu and her congressional run
      • [ – ] greenspudtrades parent reply I suggest reposting on both vid.me and Minds.com. A lot of people flooding to Minds.com. If funding is important to you, would help to get creative and get your own sponsorships or solicit donations from your users.
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