Stardew Valley With Friends! - Tashdacat! (Part 43)

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply oh wow you actually went back and put the story in from the site! you guys should do a voice over skit because you sound like legit voice actors that could be in this game lol. haha a one world time zone with atleast 3 suns???? haha!!! "bless you, thats enough now, bless you some more" hahhahaa!!! So what exactly is story time? is it something in this game?
    • [ – ] KinTailFox parent reply I'm so happy you enjoyed it so much, story time is just a thing we do when we have tedious tasks in game and rather tell stories from our real lives.
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Ohhh ok i was confused haha. I thought it was like something you did 5 mins before the end like a dedicated segment.
        • [ – ] KinTailFox parent reply That was the plan but it's just naturally started happening more and it's really amusing to be honest. I love sharing stuff and @tashdacat has the best stories. :3
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