Happy Father's Day Lets Talk About Cow Testicles!

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  • [ – ] JessicaMartwin reply You sound very energetic. Sarah and I spent the day at the pool with mom and dad yesterday. You NEED to come visit. See, I told you everyone here was nice... American Idiot is my favorite album. He taught me A TON about cars. He calls me a master mechanic now. Badass? Ha. Definitely and weird. Maybe a tad crazy. 😂. We loved it at nanny's 😀 so many memories. He's thinking about buying runs in CO. So, he'll own a business again. Now everyone will know where we get our need for hard work. I hated cleaning up after the cows. Yuck. We were both in high school when that happened. It was weird. The rubber band looked like a fruit loop when it wasn't stretched.
    • therunningrebel parent reply lol that's probably all of the coffee. 😉 I saw the pics! Looks like you guys had fun!! I know, I know, but it's so hard to leave for very long with all of my pets and garden. I'm seriously freaking out about our Florida trip, because it'll be the first time both Luke and I have left Finn, and he'll only be 6 months old, so he's a troublemaker and has no self control. And I don't even want to think about what's going to happen with my garden while we're gone....AI is probably in my top 3. Right now Revolution Radio is my favorite lol. I'm also digging Rancid's new album. Lol all of the older bands are making new music and touring this summer and it's great! I know, he's very knowledgeable on the subject! lol he's taught me pretty much everything I know about gardening. Yeah, but I think we're all a bit crazy lol. Oh, that's awesome!!! Haha right?! lol I want my own herd of cows! And goats! We need them so Finn can become a champion cattle dog. And homegrown beef is yummy. 😊 Yeah, ...moreit definitely had to have been, because Luke was there, but I didn't have Lily yet. Haha it definitely was! But looking back I think it was kinda fun! Lol and it totally looked like a Froot Loop! Remember the time the castration went wrong so dad had to shoot the cow and then we helped field dress it? Lol and we were like, shoulder deep into this cows guts going "feel this! It's squishy!!". Ahahaha good times. 😂
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Your dad seems like a really cool dude. I was a Navy brat growing up so I know what it's like with Dad being gone for stretches at a time. He always reminded us of how me he loves us though in phone calls, letters, and while he wasn't out to sea.
    • therunningrebel parent reply He is a very cool dude. 😁 It really sucks when a parent has to be away for long periods of time like that, and I think as a kid it can be kin of hard to understand why they have to be away and not spending more time with us. But now as an adult I can definitely appreciate how hard he was working to support us.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Hahaha, how can you put Father and Testicle in a Title, you crack me up! You know what would really be neat a Happy Childrens Day. My 2 daughters have put up so much shit from us parents (well mainly me because I was super overprotective) why don't they get a special day of appreciation as well. OMG I crossed my legs all through the 2nd half of this video, if anyone comes towards me with a rubber band, I'm going to punch their lights out!!! Love your stories.
    • therunningrebel parent reply lol I'm just talented like that, I suppose. 😉 I don't know man, I guess because as kids we get birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, and a plethora of other holidays/celebrations that end up being mostly for us. Even if the holiday or whatever is actually specifically about us, ya know? Besides, it's not like kids don't put their parents through a bunch of shit as well. Plus I think being overprotective is kinda sweet. Ahahaha yeah, that cow was probably thinking something along the same lines! Thank you! I'm glad you like them!! 😄
  • [ – ] Dazzlinglatte reply Woo!! Green Day t-shirt!! 😁👏👏👏👏
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply What would life be like without bad anxiety? I hope to find out someday. 16 year old fangirls at heart are the coolest people! Those hands! Doing the hand dance. That's an awesome dad you have there! Wrestling cows. Nope, couldn't see myself doing that. I would lose. All in all, a great story! Can't wait to hear more. By the way, what's the story behind that last photo?
    • [ – ] therunningrebel parent reply Ugh, me too! Anxiety can be super exhausting... Haha I definitely agree! I mean, I kinda have to lol. Yeah, I'm not sure what that was all about, but it just felt right, ya know? Lol I guess my hands just got bored. 😉 My dad is he coolest! Cow wrestling is just one of his many super powers! 😁 Oh, that was at his 50th birthday party last year! It was actually the first time in a very long time that all of my siblings and mom and dad where at the same place at the same time! So we were all just messing around in the yard and my mom took a bunch of pictures. 😊
  • [ – ] Anonymous_Gamer reply Happy Fathers day!! Why thank you!!!
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