Prophecy over Houston

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  • [ – ] ColeOfCentauri reply I'm a bit skeptical about this one. Anyone can say that they prophesied destruction after the fact, and it also seems strange that God would attack part of the United States where most of the people are still relatively faithful to him. If it was because of the legalization of gay marriage, why didn't the hurricane hit Washington DC, California, New York or New England? I agree that God is judging western civilization in general for how we have turned our backs on him, and this hurricane is at least a judgment for sin in general, but I think we Christians tend to get trigger-happy when it comes to assigning biblical prophecy to the modern day, like everyone who thought Obama was the antichrist.
    • HolySpirit_Live parent reply It's good to always be skeptical first. Ill just say this message was given 08/2015. But I get what you're saying. And I think we are being judged and need to pray
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