Touken Ranbu: Mugenranboshou (Vocal Cover)

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  • [ – ] ThaumaturgeBlack reply Not bad, however you sound like you're holding back your voice out of habit quite a bit, understandable if you live in an apartment complex or something with neighbors I suppose. It took me a long time to get over that sort of thing. Have you tried doing more expansive vocal exercises to get used to using your diaphragm more? Please don't take this as me being harsh, I'm just trying to offer some constructive criticism as a fellow musician! The way you mixed the mic is pretty good! What DAW do you use, if you don't mind me asking? (Personal fav of mine is REAPER) Might as well ask if you have any original music you've wrote I can listen to as well since I'm new to your channel, I love listening to people's original work, even if It's just instrumental.
    • [ – ] InnocentMusik parent reply I rarely get any feedback and I'm in desperate need of constructive criticism so thank you so much. Yeah, I do live in a place where noise pollution laws are rather harsh. Not fun :/. I have been working on some vocal practices. I'm not surze it's expansive or not to be honest. I used so many, the only stuff I can remember are limiter, chorus and compression. As for originals, I have two originals. Enjoy?
      • [ – ] ThaumaturgeBlack parent reply Thanks for the reply! Yeah, you're welcome for the criticism. (lol!) Shame about the noise laws, I live down in the southern United States, so no explicit noise laws but hey, I breath dirt and sand for a living, not much better, lmao! (Side note, I mean't the workstation you work in, the limiter and such should be inside that unless you don't work inside a DAW [FLstudio, Reaper, Cubase], which would be an incredible feat!)
        • [ – ] InnocentMusik parent reply Oh, that's my bad! I used FL Studios. No noise laws is like a dream right now. I live in Canada so that's a thing QQ.
          • [ – ] ThaumaturgeBlack parent reply Since you showed me your 2 original pieces I figured I should show you one of mine since we're sharing, somewhat (I did some mixing magic to make it sound good, it's an acoustic through my [sorta] studio mic.) I love your piano piece, you should find the time to finish it!
            • [ – ] InnocentMusik parent reply Oooo, I'll definitely give that a listen. I gotta play around my piano to finish up that piece, that's gonna be fun. I'm glad that you enjoy that WIP piece though!
          • ThaumaturgeBlack parent reply Yeah, that sucks, I hate when certain laws stifle creativity, but that's the world we live in... (As for the DAW, I use REAPER for recording electric guitar [thru my mixer and tonelab], acoustic guitar thru my microphone, vocals, and midi instrumentation, while I use FLStudio for crafting drum tracks, pretty much no other DAW out there makes it that easy to place midi notes for drum tracks.)
  • InnocentMusik reply I don't know what's more frustrating - mixing and mastering this thing or recording this constantly to where I'm never satisfied with the result. BUT ENOUGH OF THAT, feel free to comment!
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