The Greatest FORBIDDEN History Lesson They ABSOLUTELY CAN'T Teach in School

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  • [ – ] Bansic reply Dude, at least buy me dinner before you fuck my mind. Great video, amazing editing and research. I can tell a lot of effort went into this.
  • [ – ] UKPropaganda reply Decided to follow you here. I'm sick of FascistTube myself.
  • [ – ] axismundi reply This should be shown in high schools across the country. But it won't - the Liberal academia's prime objective is to dumb down the students, get them dependent on the Gummint, and exercise complete control over them through the lamestream media. Excellent production, Mr. Impact!
  • OregonHuman reply So glad you came to man. YouTube has been censoring anyone saying things the establishment disagrees with as usual. This is Great video, think I'll go buy some gold now. David Seaman is the reason I joined You mentioned him in the last video I watched on YouTube of yours.That's what brought me to this video just now. All this shit is so much to wrap your head around. How do you do the normal things in life without constantly being reminded of all the fucked up shit, criminals have gotten away with? It's ruined pizza for me.
  • [ – ] Raymond_Billard reply Great video man, extremely informative! Just wish I could get my friends to give this a chance, they all think I'm crazy man.
  • [ – ] DieNetaDie reply so glad I had tried VIDME now I know you here too
    • [ – ] HighImpactFlix parent reply Glad you're here!
      • DieNetaDie parent reply I am a subscriber of your channel in both youtube and now here also. It seems that VIDME is going to get interesting with such a great original mind as you on it. You have expanded my mind a lot. Thanks for that. A subscriber from Nepal.
  • [ – ] BRaymond reply Probably the simplest way to explain what's really going on without the crazy-eyed, rabid mouthed, dot connecting "conspiracy theorist" look.
    • [ – ] HighImpactFlix parent reply Haha...when I recorded the intro to the video, I was dog tired!
      • BRaymond parent reply Explained this concept to a "good ol' boy" type at work... he used to be VP of a major northwestern utility company. He finally shut up and listened to what I had to say and said "Wow, never thought of that." I encouraged him to do his own research.
  • [ – ] mattwgc reply Dude, I hadn't seen this on YouTube or anywhere else- thanks for the reupload! Awesome video, man! Mind blown...
  • [ – ] FaBon reply HighImpactFlix, I have been a fan of anarchy, I would actually refer to myself as being anti-state, for some time now. It takes a while to get the courage to tell people that factoid considering the mindset you naturally develop after a lifetime of propaganda and programming telling you how anarchy would be the equivalent of hell on earth and eventually everyone would turn into apes and swing from trees. That brings me to my question: I am sure you have studied the concept of an economy based on natural resources AKA; a Resource Based Economy? I would love to see you do featured documentary on the subject, I know there are a few on the Tube but I found them a bit dry and lackluster compared to your work. I think you appeal to a younger crowd too, which is extremely important since they are the one's who need to understand the choices that need to be made as soon as possible. The one thing missing in this last video of yours, (and this is not criticism because you are really faultless i...moren my eyes) but you have your reasons I am sure. But the elites who run things know the fiat money scheme has run it's course and soon it will crash on all our heads. We have to plan out strategy, now. Rioting and attempting government overthrow will only play right into the game. We need to already have the best plan for America worked out to convince Americans of when the SHTF., Do you think a resource based economy is the answer and if there are problems with it can you bring them to the table in a video.?
  • [ – ] Rebecca_sweet reply Love all you do! This is the thing though....I am awake as many people are... I have gone down the rabbit hole and have come to the conclusion of supply and demand. People and even awakened people are not connecting the dots. As long as we consume and want "things" outside of ourselves money will control our lives. We need to get really uncomfortable to reach the desired outcome. Can we??? I have in many ways tuned away from money. Baby steps by simplifying my life to the basic necessities. Can we go back to the barter system? Can we unite and conquer the fake dollar? I recently watched a video on you tube about how Hitler, between the years 1933-1939 lifted the German people out of poverty and transformed Germany to thrive as a nation. This was not good for the Zionist and was the catalist to WW2. Your thoughts?
  • [ – ] SweetMeats reply This has great comedic value.
  • [ – ] vidmevillains reply Say it with me: Fiat Currency will be our doom.
  • [ – ] Lisa_Haven reply Great Video!
  • Redpillofmatrix reply United we rule and, divided we fall into slavery... America we are not Democrats nor Republicans hell definitely we don't look green !!! What we are the citizens united of America. No one asked from the Zionists ISIS army what you were before beheading before you became an American. We will all die next to each other if we DO NOT SAY WE ARE AMERICANS. ZIONISM IS KILLING US ALL...
  • yearginclarke reply Wow, that was an amazing reveal about the $. Thanks for the vid.
  • explodinghead reply I am very familiar with this topic but must say you did a very good job covering a lot of information in a concise manner
  • NelsonMendela reply Jewish Bible, Deuteronomy 15:6 "For the LORD your God will bless you as he has promised, and you will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. You will rule over many nations but none will rule over you." That's why : Christian Bible, Matthew 21:12 "Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves." (((They))) control all the western countries.
  • Ubermik reply The video isn't working on this POS site lol, has anyone else had the same problem and managed to fix it? I just get a black screen with audio
  • [ – ] ray7g reply A very good video, amazing how many people think the death and debt based Federal Reserve is vastly better than honest money, but I have met plenty.
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