Microsoft Word Typing Tutorial - Quick and Easy

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  • [ – ] MisterMobile reply Instructions not clear, dick stuck in a ceiling fan
    • IdiotComedy parent reply Oh man. If you need help get a grown up. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it even more that you left it while in that situation.
  • [ – ] wutard_sorceror reply wheres thd punch line oh wait....
  • [ – ] MaximVB reply I don't know what I was expecting but this makes sense 😂
  • IdiotComedy reply You're Welcome.
  • [ – ] OneTakeZeroEffort reply I seriously don't get it. This is not a joke. Poe's law doesn't apply to this comment because I really do need an explanation but I'll also be satisfied if I get ignored.
    • IdiotComedy parent reply In case you are being serious. The joke is the video says Microsoft Word Typing Tutorial. Most people would take that to mean a Tutorial on how to Type in Microsoft Word or tying tips. The joke is I just typed the Word Tutorial and didn't give an actual typing tutorial. I laughed at that part where you said you would also be satisfied if you get ignored lol.
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