Love at First Sight or Was It - Understanding the Difference Between Love and Lust - Violet's Practical Help

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  • [ – ] Florence00pi reply Well it really depends on the "definition" of Love. One definition is something that insufferable feeling of attraction that constantly makes you want to be closer to that person you fell in love with, the world around you being surreal when you are together ... you know, the chemistry stuff that goes on in your brain when you really fall in love and it throws everything in your brain into disorder ... that love. The one the poets describe. And you can most certainly have that at first sight and I do believe the love that is referred to when speaking about love at first sight, is that chemical/poetical one (which has nothing to do with lust btw, it's a completely different cathegory).
    • VioletPracticalHelp parent reply In poetry, when they describe love, they are talking about feelings. In order to have feelings about something, you need to experience it. Poets are often condensing emotions that are cultivated over time into a few words or sentences. But at the end of the day, when poets are describing a deep meaningful connection, that is a connection that is created over time. Whereas, an emotion that is based on no contact or minimal contact, is a wish or lustful emotion. There is nothing wrong with lust. It is just important to understand the difference. Eventually, when you continue to interact, you will either continue to feel connected and grow to love or learn that the lusted after object was not what you thought and lose interest.
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