Shouting Out Vidme Content Creators!

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  • [ – ] ITSnippets reply I wander how many people were (like me) just on the ourskirts of your rules.. or is this perhaps due to the recent 'troubles' with vidme and it loosing traffic... In either case, thanks for the shout out, much appreciated.
    • SYMPLMedia parent reply No problem at all you deserve it :)
    • [ – ] SYMPLMedia parent reply I had the same thought too man, though i do feel like traffic has slowed down recently on vidme but will hopefully pick up soon
      • [ – ] ITSnippets parent reply I suspect that it may not ... The 50gb limit was the death moan of it methinks...
        • [ – ] SYMPLMedia parent reply Yeah, really sucks
          • [ – ] ITSnippets parent reply My views have dropped about 50% on what they were as of late. Even the fire tv stick one (which due to Kodis popularity should have done really well) has under performed.
            • [ – ] SYMPLMedia parent reply I've realised that as well :/ what do you think of the new layout for the homepage?
              • [ – ] ITSnippets parent reply like it. I'm a fan of 'clean' looks, but I still dont see them being the next you tube. Even before google bought it, I'm unaware of such limits on You Tube in its infancy. I think some Vidizens need a reality check and to realise that they can spout abotu how bad youtube is, but the reality remains tha tno one (especially with the 50g limit) is ever going to make a living on YT.
                • [ – ] SYMPLMedia parent reply I agree 100% there man!
                  • [ – ] ITSnippets parent reply I build datacenters for a living, for banks, I know how much running high traffic sites costs... The only way sites are going to take on youtube Is with bitchute type hosting (where the content is shared via torrests and streamed from seeders). If your not also hosting on bitchute, go check them out.. I've gave them critacism on twitter and rather than unverifying me (@kentantino *caught*) they agreed! Its a totally different perspective.
  • Nitro9 reply Wow, Thanks For the shoutout, i'm not on as much as i upload mainly on YouTube, so i didn't really know, Thank you anyways!
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply thank you very much :)
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