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  • [ – ] JonTheBemused reply I wait with baited breath for Arnold to make a second video, with almost identical words, calling out all the moderates at the Boston counter protest, who hangout with Communists (I mean AntiFa), who spew racist hate and align with an ideology responsible for many millions of deaths. I have no love for the right, considering myself to be left-wing all my life, but I know which of the two sides I consider to be much more scary right now. And it's not the pitifully irrelevant white nationalists. The only way they'll get anywhere is in response to the hatred and bigotry from AntiFa, BLM, BAMN, and all the other hate groups on the left.
    • [ – ] manicidiot parent reply It is doubtful that he will unless it is politically advantageous to do so. He's a smart man, but I think some of these views are bought and paid for. I thought this one had some good views in it, but the politically motivated tone of it needed to be addressed. That and his lack of addressing the opposition that is just as bad (if not worse). The hardcore right wingers have their following, but are societally looked at with disregard. They're not taken seriously. The hardcore left have their following, but are backed by the media and it's getting out of hand. To me, their the biggest problem to progress of the west. They've taken guilt and ran with it as a way to silence any opposition. That is a dangerous tactic that is very effective.
      • JonTheBemused parent reply Exactly my understanding. And is in fact the motivation behind my making my first video. For the first step in countering their narrative is to acknowledge it. I am actually interested in formulating a counter-attack, which is to be the focus of my next video. Once I get those pesky camera angles sorted out, lol. 😉😎
      • manicidiot parent reply They're^ x.x'
    • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply You speak my mind perfectly, sir.
      • manicidiot parent reply He just put out his first video. I gave it a watch. He's got a great sounding voice and articulates his views very well. I recommend giving it a watch as I'd like to encourage more of this perspective.
  • [ – ] SirAdamantine reply I like your format Manic. I also like that you're on You're a smart Idiot! 😉
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply it was all a set up the guy filming it knew it was a racists when he even said there was tinted windows in the car,
  • [ – ] Platypus67 reply NOBODY makes the world a better place whit seperatism, hatred, violence, segregation and closed mindness. NOBODY! Either the so (and i might add falsely) called "anti"fa nor these neo fascist boneheads should experience ANY support of ANYONE - not of the left OR the right political parties, and the absolute LAST PLACE it should come from is the mainstream MEDIA - which does NOTHING but pour oil into the fire and add more and more depth to the dividing chasm. They make our world more miserable and insecure with their bigotted rhetoric! Great analysis, you idiot, I'm gonna follow you from now on. (And i feel like an idiot too sometimes in this twisted social and political climate...)!
  • Star_Wars6collector reply Bad DNA? most likely could have been corrupted by nuclear waste or DU particles as the radiation does cause mutations in the cells,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply Most of Arnolds movies support the NWO agenda
  • Star_Wars6collector reply Arnold has tones of communists statues
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