Leftist Fascism | Dinesh D'Souza and Stefan Molyneux

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  • OldDirtyNeck reply Outstanding video. Very informative, its also very frustrating so many are so blind to history.
  • tigger183 reply The clue is in the name. National Socialism. Anyone who wants to live in such a system is as retarded as the Loony Far Left.
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply What would Ted Nugent say about this? 😂
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Does anyone remember that "antifa" airsoft march in Phoenix, AZ where they were walking around wearing brownshirts, asking reporters for their papers, and telling them to get off the streets... oh that was rich.
  • kiwi_fruit reply I am in the process of reading the book. Half-way through. Very informative and thorough.
  • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish reply I doubt whether Antifa have an opinion. Separate them and ask them questions it becomes obvious they are easily lead and possibly oppress opinions that they may actually agree with. They were paid thugs. Can you believe now in rent-a-mob most are no longer being paid!
  • firaro reply I kind of got tired of watching it, arbitrary definitions of left/right and progressivism. And implicitly asserting that the historical origin of an ideology affects whether it is good or not. Here's a simple definition of progressive: wanting to change things And conservative: wanting to hold onto things we already have which they see as good, or to bring back something we previously had which they see as good. Here's my opinion of judging ideologies based on their origin: it's missing the point. What matters is whether it is currently a good thing or a bad thing. And sure we should look at historical examples of similar things to tell us how it will turn out, but that similarity is based on actual similarity not genealogy If there's something they say worth listening to please tell me, but i cant bring myself to listen to more "sins of the father" bs
  • epimetheus_1776 reply Nazis have a lot in common with both the alt-right and left
  • epimetheus_1776 reply Great analysis-love D'souza
  • VybeyPantelonez reply So glad u said it stef, totally agree on fascism and communism intersecting
  • [ – ] vanners reply Has anyone noticed that the Alt-right, at least so far as it is characterised as white supremacists is actually a leftist ideology? It's like saying no, your other right. Once you tie Hitler to the left white supremacy naturally follows. If you want more proof look at the behaviour of white supremacists: they want the state to control race (tick), they want to take other people's stuff (tick), they are anti-rational (tick), they advocate violence (tick)... the more you look at white supremacists, the more you see that they are Antifa with a different target - like the difference between Nazi and Communist the target changes but the methodology and ideology stays the same.
    • [ – ] Leitis parent reply You're embarrasing yourself. And Dinesh with Moly as well. First of all, left-right has no real meaning in modern politics. Because Right, were the ones that sat on the right hand of the king and the left where the Merchants, etc. There is no king and US was founded on enlightenments abstract principles. The monarchist side of the Alt-right want to establish actual King. That's the rightest thing you can have. And the right Libertarians would agree to it if it's not an absolutist king. The Alt Right are: -Antidemocratic -Anti Rational (But you don't understand the meaning) -Anti Semitic -Anti Modernity -Pro Family -Anti gay and all other manners of degeneracy -They do not advocate violence, but they are prepared for it. The Alt right does not concern itself with property rights or economics, because they want to prevent Genocide. Priorities man.
      • [ – ] vanners parent reply If you can't understand what I wrote, I have little confidence in the accuracy of your other assertions. My first point was the correlation of "alt right" with white supremacy (by the media). From that point on I referred to white supremacists, not the right. Whatever the ancient definition was regarding the left and right, we have a working definition today that supercedes it. Your history lesson, while interesting, doesn't progress the argument as to whether white supremacists belong with Marxists or capitalists. I still assert that they belong with the Marxists who (by the current definition) are on the left.
        • [ – ] Leitis parent reply This is why I meant, that Right wing is a meaningless definition and everyone tries to redefine for their use. White supremacy is a straightforward concept. It's that in America, where there is and was a large black population, Whites should have the superiority in the society, culture, law, etc. It's that blacks should be denied general societal priviliges (like Voting and such). This is it. If you are KKK you can be Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Communist. It doesn't matter, as long as they advance white supremacy. The Alt Right are beyond that - they are Nationalists. They want an ethno-state. They want 0 blacks in their country, expel them, deny citizenship or that whites would just move to a country where there are no blacks, they don't care. That's why they are also called White Nationalists, because they want to live in a homogeneous community. I know what a right wing person means in current year, I'm just saying that if you want to have a serious deep discussion a...morebout it, you should discuss concepts, ideas, systems directly and not mark them with a large vague label like right wing. Classical liberals are considered RIGHT WING in this day and age. Now if that doesn't show meaningless of right wing, I don't know what does.
          • vanners parent reply I should add, in response to your Nationalism = homogeneity assertion. This isn't true. What Nationalism means is that the social contract which is the United States (or any other state for that matter) only applies to citizens of that state. Outsiders who want to enter, do so only by the consent of the people and under the conditions they set out. In the US this power is held in the executive arm of the government.
          • vanners parent reply There is a really good debate between Vox Day and Greg Johnson on this topic. https://vid.me/ccgBv I fall more on the side of Vox Day, although Greg did make some good points. The area that I want to focus on is the principles. Vox argues that the alt-right are individualistic and free enterprise, and that ideas of collectivism do not belong on the right, including Alt-right. Racism is one form of collectivism, therefore it is foreign to the principles of the Alt-right. What happens though, is that through media propaganda the right has been tarred with epithet of Nazi, and this has emboldened white supremacists to jump on the alt-right bandwagon in order to garner some credibility. This is the move of the while supremacist. Those who are "genuine" Alt-right reject them, but since the definition is still malleable, and there is no official spokesperson to disavow racists, then this sleight of hand can be played on the public. It doesn't help that the biased MSM takes every opportu...morenity to broadcast the white supremacist assertion while giving no airtime to the real Alt-right when they disavow. Heck, how many times has Trump disavowed David Duke, yet the MSM still go on as if he's been dodging the question. I saw a video recently that shows nearly two dozen times that Trump has disavowed him, but the question is still asked.
  • Fullfasc reply A Great Big Red Pill for all the fence sitters that have come out the past few days.
  • kikkie2 reply that was awesome I now feel better about myself after Charlottesville.
  • Auceza reply The NeoMarxism is a mergering of psychoanalysis and Marxism to a fascist dishwater.
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