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  • [ – ] znushu reply Tbh: I'm glad Nostalgia Critic Uploads here first, Vid Me is better than Youtube anyways. More creators should be uploading here instead of Youtube
  • Howesenberg reply I love that vid.me shows you how many people are watching with you. Right now there are 266 cool people with awesome taste in internet stuff.
  • [ – ] Aethryx reply I never noticed how freaking one-dimensional Steele is as a villain
  • TheZapster reply its fun coming here when its not on youtube yet.
  • Yeshuash reply Why does the Critic seam to have such a hate boner for Phil Collins?
  • [ – ] TheHeroOfTomorrow reply "And Fullmetal Alchemist spoiler" lol
  • CaptainDeci reply I remember seeing this movie when I was younger. I always wondered just how much of it was true to begin with. Now I know. Great review btw, well executed.
  • BalloonTrain reply Oh wow, I haven't heard the name "Balto" in a really long time. Talk about a trip down memory lane
  • Rob_Silvermyst reply So for the last 20 minutes, Balto becomes Wolf Link.
  • Nsswede reply Typical spilberg telling lies too kids
  • Nsswede reply That noting wacth dingobic balto
  • dilly_dally95 reply Nothing to critique in this movie honestly. It's dam near perfect. This is just nit picking. First video I see from this guy btw so I'm not familiar with this dude, first impression is this channel is meant for kids...
  • Irminsul2017 reply YAY Nostalgia critic on vidme!
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply I freaking LOVED this movie when I was a kid. I would watch on constant repeat until I grew sick of it. Jim Cummings as Steele is CREEPY! Love it!!!!
  • nekollx reply my dog can't remove the nails from a door but he can turn the knob with his paws and open it, even if it's been locked, yes my dog can flip locks.
  • Chef_Batman_INC reply This was the best NC in a while! Not to say anything has been bad lately I just enjoyed this one a lot.
  • 327_Productions reply I saw this movie in the theater and I'm glad it's gained a cult following. What makes this movie so enjoyable for me is the voice acting, the animation and the score. The late James Horner made such a beautiful theme when composing Balto, with Heritage of the Wolf being my favorite track.
  • DetectorCliche reply I honestly never heard of this movie before.
  • [ – ] TheHeroOfTomorrow reply Also, Doug, I'm pretty sure that wolf was the spirit of Balto's wolf mother. So no, she couldn't have helped pull the sled. And by kids' movie logic, seeing a parent's ghost gives you super inspiration. Just ask Simba.
  • [ – ] coldkeyes reply The voice for steele, reminds me of General Plastro from the Tan Army
  • AngryFanboy reply Why not: 'He's so black he like Medea Movies'?
  • BrandonCroker reply Well, that was...randomly silly.
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