Does the Left Hate Free Speech? (Part 1) | ContraPoints

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  • jmp022871 reply Contra, Vernaculis has a reply for you. Care to respond?
  • TheWurst reply I find it pretty despicable that you would conflate identity and position, in order to slander people you don't agree with as bigots in order to justify stifling their speech. That kind of creepy, disingenuous behavior is exactly why I am not on "your" side of the argument.
  • [ – ] Iketsu8 reply The fact you HAD to post this here is immense BS. Who would dare censor this art?
    • [ – ] ragman parent reply ikr this is such a finely made straw man
      • [ – ] Iketsu8 parent reply This comment thing says 'say something nice' so I'll just politely request that you, and your like minded 'rationals' and 'skeptics' go away and stop bringing toxicity here. It would be the polite thing to do.
        • ragman parent reply A counter point is not toxicity. Don't try and paint me as some troll when i have not been rude at all.
  • [ – ] No_Good reply Who else is here for the freedom?
  • TheCubed reply Why are you so stupid? Seriously, were you dropped on your head as a child? Just to pick one thing, how about when you conflated internet comments with being called racist at a college. Those will be the same when the internet comment gets you fired from your job and kicked out of the college. THE FUCKING POINT IS THAT THEY'RE DIFFERENT. Wait, shit, fuck, I shouldn't make fun of the "mentally challenged." Sorry, carry on.
  • TheMiracleMatter reply I don`t know how this got flagged on YT and I'm very surprised that it was given the kind of mental gymnastics and propaganda contained in it. ...and I also have no idea who actually flagged it but I suspect it may not have been an "evil right-wing nuhdzi", I'm not ruling out that it could even have been yourself.
  • ZaYwas reply ContraPoints, please respond to Vernaculis.
  • BrokenWrd reply First off- Welcome to! Second- Your YouTube video being false-flagged was bullshit. Are you talking about free speech in the USA or free speech in Europe here?
  • saintalchemyst reply Your projection that conservatives complaining of being pressured into not speaking their opinions institutionally or socially are micro- aggression is entirely false. You don't lose your job because you a member of black lives matter, a feminist, or mistakenly calling someone Chinese when they are Vietnamese. YOU LOSE YOUR JOB OVER BEING ACCUSED OF BEING AN ISLAMOPHOBE, a MISOGYNIST, OR A RACIST. You can't say in one breath institutionalized hate speech codes are a good idea, and in the next breath say being accused of bigotry "is no big deal!" Furthermore, to the statement directly after the micro-aggression statement (excuse the redundant wording), if I mistakenly call a Chinese person Korean, what speech of their am I trying to suppress?
  • JarlSnaekoll79 reply How do you explain the fact that every argument you make concerning what should be considered protected speech always ends with your conclusion being that only the speech YOU agree with should being protected?
  • ragman reply Getting your feelings hurt because of insults on the internet =/= dampening someone freedom to speech. Calling someone racist, when you know by the true definition they aren't, because you know they will get fired = dampening someone freedom of speech.
  • [ – ] BanKulin reply Please define hate speech.
  • BanKulin reply Yes they do.
  • JackDinn reply Defend ALL speech , stop trying to separate people into political identity boxes and then saying you cant possibly defend X without constraining Y , of course you can, free speech is for ALL identities and all people WITHOUT any dam "but's"
  • JackDinn reply I believe in free speech BUT .... blah blah blah
  • DynastyStar reply When you say that nobody can accuse you of strawmaning because you used Hitchens as your opponant. The word you're looking for is cherrypicking or going for the low hanging fruit. Nobody can say that about you. You can respond to somebody who has a good argument and still twist that argument into something its not, which is a strawman.
  • Infernal_Tank reply good video. i look forward to the next parts
  • gnolib reply can't believe this got taken down but very happy to support you here all the same <3
  • martinchoginer reply I had no idea you had a vimeo channel. In my opinion the left likes the freedom of expression, but it has many problems to decide who leaves and who does not speak. The fact that Youtube has problems with this video is a bit ironic. I do not agree with all your opinions and sometimes you are very stubborn, anyway your material is entertaining and makes me think. Regards, keep debating with your opponents and challenging yourself. #freecontrapoints
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