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  • [ – ] Crackkhead reply Wow, this Vidme stuff is almost identical to jewtube, but less alt lite. I could get used to this.
  • [ – ] Tag44 reply I think we are at the point where we need to think about the difference between saving the "race" versus saving the best. We're trapped to a large degree within a paradigm that sees the whole as the focus of our efforts. Frankly, I believe this not only depletes our energy (and makes our most dedicated burn out) but goes against all principles of evolution. Again, I harp on the PLE/NWI perspective: let the dreck *within our own race* sink to the level they belong and let's work with and for those whose instincts (and teeth) are still sharp. THESE are the people who we want to form the basis of a new nation and set the standard for the future.
    • doomguard1488 parent reply Maybe so, but at this point we're not really saving anyone. A lot of pretty good people are getting lured into truly degenerate and wasteful exercises and folly.
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