Royal Rife, brilliant scientist that used vibrations to cure viruses 100% / Our Govt snuffed that so Big Pharma can give you pills

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  • [ – ] bxcope reply the bush regime screwed us, they let IA to go after scientist that made any advancements, bribes, killed, put in prison. They had this before HIV, so all those millions could have been saved. Hope a special hell for the people who did this heinous coverup
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply you did not see my video's on the how to make new planets or what the pyramids do have you? and most of this science has come from the plundering of our past history as all the records where destroyed or kept hidden over all the ages after the last Polar Shift flooding,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply awesome video I seen other video's an people that made it as well, so yes it works the nuclear industry is behind them stop of the real cures
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