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  • danielamann reply Here is to hoping that everything with your computer stays okay!!!!! If my computer died I would be ruined as a video creator! Feeling for you man
  • Dazhkaclaire reply As the proud owner of an also-heap-of-junk, I feel your pain. Solidarity <3
  • [ – ] JimGiant reply Could be overheating. Have you tried cleaning vents, heat sinks etc and checked fans work? Maybe even underclock it slightly and see if that makes a difference.
    • [ – ] GooseBoose parent reply yep, cleaned everything out, and it continues to persist.
      • [ – ] JimGiant parent reply That sucks. All I can suggest for now is rendering at a lower quality to speed things up and reduce the chance that it crashes half way through.
        • [ – ] GooseBoose parent reply I can't sacrifice quality for nothing. What would be the point of making videos if they all look garbage?
          • JimGiant parent reply I don't think 480p would detract at all from talky videos like this but that's a good attitude to take. Hope you get it sorted soon.
  • [ – ] Azazer reply Maybe it's a bad ram stick. Try removing different combinations of them to see if that the issue and try replicating the issue. I've seen this issue where I find the bad stick on others PCs, remove it, and it works. Blue screen would be more specific with the issue.
    • GooseBoose parent reply Well it doesn't help that the ram itself struggles to stay attached to my computer and that I basically have to duct tape it to have it stay on. (no it's not literally duct taped)
  • sunshine11 reply Have you ever tried advanced system care? Or do you think it's hardware problems? You should take it in to get fixed! Cheaper than a new one :D
  • bane reply aren't we all dying, but on a serious note. Good luck.
  • NightmareFedora reply Well, Chromebooks are Linux PC's, so you can chroot software from other Linux distros.
  • [ – ] GrayRPG reply Have you went anywhere to see if it could possibly be repaired??? You may not have to completely start over with a new PC.👀
    • GooseBoose parent reply My cousin works with PC's and he's already told me that we either get some new parts and just extend it's life span a bit longer, or we could just get a new PC and have a longer lasting experience. Honestly, it's a grim device that's been on it's final legs for a long time now, and I'm not interested in keeping this piece of crap running for very long.
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