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  • c_arnold03 reply I've never seen any of the star wars films in theatres, only the first three on tv, back when I still watched tv. I always thought the visual effects in scifi movies were awesome, but the stories presented in trailers were lacking in ways that didn't motivate me to see them. I imagine part of it is the movie going experience for me has declined over the years such I can't bring myself to a theatre. It's also possible that it's because I developed an interest in other things at a time most folks get hooked on fantasy and scifi. I guess I'm one of the few folks out there who got into tech who never became much of a nerd.
  • TheBestCartoonIntros reply Saw it last night, very good movie, will probably see it once more before the weekend :)
  • duffy reply seeing it monday. can't wait!
  • BranTheLaw reply I enjoyed the film. Felt different from others in the franchise but possibly a well needed change.
  • mediaglitch reply yeah I loved the movie as well , im thinking abut making a video on it.
  • TheAtomicLord reply honestly I don't think that footage of the movie is real because I saw the movie and it doesn't at anyone point show this famous quote "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....".
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