Is Nintendo Possibly Selling 56,000 Switches A Day?

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  • ShinyBigBoo reply Switch is going to make this a huge year for #Nintendo !! Great time to be a fan!! >:D Like the pace and presentation of this report. Please upload more breakdowns like this, not just numbers obviously, I'm looking for more content like this on vidme! followed with notifications on #vidmelove
  • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment reply I believe the numbers. I have been actively looking to buy one since day 1 and still can't find one. Nintendo succeeding is a positive for gaming and I am hoping this leads to 3rd party developers supporting Nintendo again. I am hoping to get a new Metroid Prime game and Nintendo to start investing more into new ip's.
    • [ – ] Skipx parent reply I really want a new Metriod Prime game as well. Also I predict that around the middle of summer there will be a lot more Switches in stores around the release Splatoon 2.
      • rebeledgeentertainment parent reply I wouldnt even mind a remaster of the original trilogy on the Switch. I can see that prediction coming true. I'm sure Nintendo wants to maximize sales for Splatoon 2 and are doing right now what they tend to always do which is to limit supply of a console to increase demand.
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