DEBATE: Andrew Anglin vs Vox Day on National Socialism

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  • vanners reply There is something to the hypocrisy issue I want to add: changing your mind about something you have said or done does not make you a hypocrite. If you denounce your former statements/actions, are willing to make recompense for the damage they caused, and refrain from that line of action in the future, that is called repentance and is the core of Christianity. It is in no way hypocritical. Those who do not understand repentance are prone to cry hypocrisy - it is commonly used by atheists who prefer sophistry to facts, and want to target Christians. Ironically, what I see is much hypocrisy abound amongst the accusers. What then is real hypocrisy: nothing more or less than acting, or advocating a position that you also denounce in others without contrition, and without seeking to exclude yourself from participating in, in the future. e.g. HRC berating DT for not categorically vowing to accept the results of the election, and then refusing to accept the election results as soon as t...morehe election results were evident. Many of her supporters in the media and entertainment industry who targeted DT in the same way are hypocrites to a vast extent because they not only first refused to acknowledge the results, but continue to refuse to acknowledge the results TO THIS DAY.
  • RansleyKorbin reply Interesting talk especially the end. I think the aftermath has been something to note, and learn from. Hopefully all this ends up helping the west in the long run.
  • vanners reply It took over 10 minutes for Andrew to stop playing the man and instead to play the ball. I haven't seen tactics like that anywhere on the right. I have seen Cenk Uygur do it, and SJWs do it all the time. In other words, for the first third of his initial argument he was proving Vox correct. At this point I am wondering if Vox even needed to show up to win the debate.
  • Black_Tower reply Andrew is way to WRONG WING for me!
  • guardianDogg reply Mr. Anglin totally gave up on the debate from the jump. He couldn't refute Vox Day on his points and lost control over his emotions because Vox wouldn't agree they were on the same side.
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