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  • Leadhead reply Seriously, YouTube is shit, but what do you expect with an SJW woman at the helm with a brain of a hamster. Time for content creators to leave in masse for other platforms, fuck You(down the)Tube. #FREERAGESTEW
  • Silverfoxgeek reply I find it funny that this all happened around the time daddy o five got a PR company.
  • ForNoGoodReason reply see to be fair, i kinda assumed this might happen. I know his heart is in the right place with showing the abuse, to expose daddy 0 fives channel, but i just assumed you tube would fuck this up and not fallow the intent.
  • ragestew reply Hey guys, I've been cleared of the strike but thanks for the support!
  • AceAcer2 reply The peek of the irony ... shits allowed on the original "content creator" but nobody is allowed to make a video to report it. Talk about being stupid for the sake of being stupid. Imagine if the our respective justice systems act that way - it would start a civil war to have a system that is fair. Well that's another reason to stay on and use only YT for self-promotion ... unless that too is considered as not "advertiser friendly" :P
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