Poetic justice for Pewdiepie?

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  • [ – ] GodOfPlague reply I think Ben should fall on his pen like an honorable samurai and quit
  • MickiDaWop reply I heard that music and saw the water and half expected to see that gay water-skiing frog. I think this hypocrite should be able to write whatever he wants to, even though he is obviously a racist and an anti-Semite. Too bad about Pewdiepie though. Maybe enough people will let there feelings be known, and something even better will come along for him.
  • lepel reply Shared this, bit late to the party but guys like this should really get a taste of their own medicine. Eye for an eye.
  • Younotme reply Video not working for me.
  • TheTSDProductions reply Channels like yours and Computing Forever motivated me to become a new user of vid.me :D Thanks
  • Takiaro1337 reply Computing Forever aka Dave Cullen made a video and i saw you were here too, so i'm one of your new followers. One of your Youtube subscriber that came here and might be moving here permanent since Youtube is cancer, at this moment anyway :) Love for Sweden <3
  • TheIrishGhosty reply Damn people have no time on their hands nowadays but hey pewds got some poetic justice
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