Why Hacking is The Greatest Threat Facing Our World Today...

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  • St_Clinton reply It would be nice if you understood the difference between someone who is a Hacker and someone who is a Cracker. Everything that you talked about where done by people who Crack, not by people who Hack. They are two different things...
  • [ – ] JoeEatWorld reply Hacking is using clever programming to get things done efficiently, cracking is the illegal stuff you are referring to :)
    • Hirvee parent reply I usually consider hacking to be the act of using a system in a manner that it was not originally intended to be used. I see hacks usually as things to avoid because I wish my systems were originally designed to be agile enough to support most changes. Well sometimes it is fun to make a raspberry projects that does some weird iot keyboard stuff that is on the borderline of being a hack. Well that is my definiton. For a better definition look here https://hackaday.com/2017/10/23/what-makes-a-hacker/ . General opinion seems to be that a hacker is someone that has a black hoodie and is able to open a console window with some numbers running around.
    • [ – ] Sn4p3 parent reply Its not fixed to programming. Thing about Social Engineering. ;)
  • patrickbrinkmann reply I want to learn how to Hack
  • rymotion1 reply Hacking is scary but can be used for good.
  • NoobProgrammer reply I like it woow
  • Charadon reply "His password was Chewy123" You kidding me?
  • FireRam reply I just wish people would do proper research into subjects like this i know quite abit about hacking and cracking as i write tech articrls and have done quite a few on this subject i can see you have done some research but you need to dig deeper my freind. 1)Hacking is the art of finding loop holes or acsess to servers you have permition to access and find ways into the system or servers where as cracking is the unlawful act of finding ways into such systems. 2)VPNs and Tor is not totaly anonymous on there own as they leave traces of your activity.
  • [ – ] Roolyx reply Hey hey :D Mache YouTube kacke! Wenn du lachen willst dann schau vorbei!🌝 (Sorry für die Eigenwerbung!)
    • hdot_ parent reply Hey hey ich bin Roolyx :D Ich kopiere Videos von anderen und habe keine eigenen Videoideen! Wenn du weitere Kommentare von mir sehen willst, schau einfach in den Kommentarbereich von anderen größeren Creatorn!🌝 (Sorry aber ich bin ein Spast!)
  • brick09 reply Toughty you are even here
  • skreutzer reply You are completely wrong. Hacking isn't the greatest threat -- badly written, unsecure software is. Why? Because security isn't a feature that sells well, users don't demand and pay for it. Instead of paying for limited licenses and usage rights, you should pay for free/libre software development, which basically no-one does, so hackers have an easy game with proprietary, secret, trust-me-blindly, uninvestigated, unfixable software. -20:44 Brits tend to emphasize the importance of their code-breaking on the outcome of the war (most of the obtained information wasn't used and it's debatable of the strategic significance of the intelligence that was used) and credit themselves with the invention of the computer (as Greeks, Germans and many others do). It were the Polish who provided the Allies with Enigma material. -17:00 No, it's not designed for international warfare as it had a very specific target. From the only initial, local deployment in around 2007, Stuxnet somehow got out from...more there into the wild -- accidentally, unknowingly spread by facility personell, which is how it was discovered in 2010 after all. -14:02 Ever wondered where those 0days come from? The state actor has a lot of software companies either compromized or cooperating, so they don't need to find, reverse-engineer and exploit them, they can just look into the source code and not fix them, leaving all users of such software vulnerable to whoever finds the 0day next, including hostile governments, groups or individuals. -8:54 It's claimed that Stuxnet played Thunderstruck on the workstations at full volume while destroying the equipment. Whether this happened or not, the idea is that part of the plan was to make the Iranian scientists feel incompetent. -7:25 No, you're getting it wrong. War is when people die. -6:03 Beware of the Chinese! They own almost every chip you're using! -3:18 So don't connect them to the Internet. Eventually, everything gets connected to the Internet unfortunately. Also, replace systems with more secure versions, but there's no financial incentive to do so. Think twice before embracing the Internet of Things. Keep separate backup systems. -0:45 Consider this: disaster can struck because of a mere accident, a software/hardware glitch, and then systems relying on each other causing more and more damage. Collecting exploits instead of fixing them should be banned by international treaty as they don't distinguish between combattant and civillian, but then the US doesn't care about combattant vs. civillian anyway.
  • AZMICK reply Hackers, crackers and phreaks! Oh my!
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