NEGLECTED Montgomery G&P - Carson Pririe Scott - Stratford Square Mall - Bloomingdale IL

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  • kitsubot reply I dunno what the top companies are but ive met the service crew guys on the bus in nyc many times, its an important job - overlooked security area too for the twin towers / structural element of many buildings is the elevator shafts
  • [ – ] kitsubot reply Well, i bet u make more money doing elevators than urban least in the USA i think its a slow process & tied up with bureaucracy, but depends where u live. In Los Angeles its a tough gig, i know someone who does urban planning in santa monica and they are almost like a non profit trying to convince people to invest in green cities etc. if u live in china they prolly make tons of stuff all the time - housing boom helps give planners a calling :)
  • [ – ] kitsubot reply Lucky guess, i think you would make a great elevator business if u wanna work on maintaining/retrofitting/installing elevators around the country. Big business in NYC and places where u have em in almost every building. (Just a thought since ur still young but already passionate about their design and how they should work& feel while riding in them...) you would have a head start cuz ur so savvy
  • [ – ] kitsubot reply Is g&p ur fave manufacturer?
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