#Life-me: Being in #Union with oneself means to be fine with the digital world. If this is the case, then #Connectedness is needed now, more than eve…

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  • [ – ] GeekWisdom reply That was very deep, and I agree with you about unity, and the way we are within the sphere of others, even if we do not know each other well (or at all). Do you ever watch Rick and Morty? It's a cartoon the centres around a family where the grandfather is a scientist and he takes his grandson with him on many adventures. There was an episode about a planet where each person was part of a collective and they were called Unity. It' was very interesting in a philosophical sort of way.
    • I3UTM parent reply I'm not very familiar with that show as I have discontinued watching most, if not all, T.V. shows. I tend to be deep as that is my main form of talking my thoughts out loud on this platform. Now Star Trek, OTOH, I'm there dude. ^-^
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