The Downfall of Smosh | Feat. Sn0wy | @YellowSyrup

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  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Big YouTubers should never be stupid enough to sell out like that, as you showed in the end of the video its not the actual YouTubers they want but simply the name/brand. Studios have no problems with slapping the brand name onto new people and people will watch it anyway (one of the reasons I can't get myself to watch any of the Yogscast).
    • [ – ] A4EProject parent reply I haven't heard of any situation where selling to a conglomerate went well for a YouTuber. Who knows, maybe those are the outcomes that you never hear about. But, I doubt it.
      • [ – ] Yellow_Syrup parent reply I can think of a couple. Screen Junkies actually did the EXACT same thing with the same company... But I'm not sure if Defy started Screen Junkies, or bought them out.
  • [ – ] Naturenerd1000 reply Smosh's audience is mainly for middle schoolers to mid teens. I haven't watched a Smosh video in maybe 3 or 4 years. 1 million views a video is still pretty good. This video does explain why their content was lowered in quality though and I guess sub consciously I unsubscripted and slowly stopped watching . The type of videos they make were good for the mid term meaning it is still relevant and good longer than drama or a meme, but it's not timeless like an AVGN episode or Ashens . I didn't know they got bought out by some crappy company. Nigahiga still makes good content.
    • Yellow_Syrup parent reply Yeah, nice comment. I never watched NigaHiga but I get what you mean. I would consider a lot of their videos to be timeless, but only really the ones that came out in 2010.
  • MeowTheRainbowX reply I don't like this narrator because he slurs a lot of his words, but I like everything else about it.
  • S0JET reply Used to love smosh back in middle school. Even inspired me to make my own stuff, but now (especially w/ Anthony gone) they're WAY past their expiration date.
  • SonicMcPatriotic reply That was a very professional looking video. You did nice work. I have heard of Smosh. Yeah, if you make it big, don't make big stupid decisions.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply I remember Smosh before even YouTube existed, and they happened to begin on Newgrounds. (Whose decline slowly began when Nin10Doh made its debut in 2008, and it accelerated due to Apple's Flash is dead bullshit. The latter is why I support Gnash and other alternative Flash Players.) As for Smosh's decline, It was evident when the movie and YouTube red film Ghostmates came out.
  • [ – ] InternetUnwind reply Thad Land was good, but only if you had seen the entire 3 season run of the Blue Mountain State. The show that the movie followed up. If not, then it would have seemed really dumb. I'm pretty sure that the movie was rated as a stand alone and not what was essentially a made for TV movie series finale. Smosh though, I always felt like I was missing out on it because I couldn't get into the humor. It's a shame though. They used to be a YouTube powerhouse.
    • [ – ] Yellow_Syrup parent reply I have high hopes for the independent work Anthony is making. It really does remind me of early Smosh when they knew what they were doing but weren't too corporate.
  • [ – ] FlamingoRoyale reply Great analysis of the whole Smosh situation. YouTube has just become so corporate 😪. If you were ever into BalloonShop, Olan Rogers is one of the few that still make quality content 👍🏼
    • Yellow_Syrup parent reply I think shows like Jon Tron and the completionist, and Game Grumps have gotten better over the years. It's sad that certain channels have to go down the path of becoming more and more corporate.
  • phantom_films reply Oh boy I was a part of a thing
  • Natanahel reply I remember when i was a stupid teenager and use to like this trash, luckely now i'm a stupid adult instead.
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