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  • [ – ] Rhyzir Apple has great industrial design and a very attractive UI. Unfortunately they have essentially become a fantastic marketing company first and foremost. With the iPhone they realized that it was all about fashion and status. If they took a mediocre piece of hardware and made it look flashy and marketed the stink out of it then they made piles of money because people were compelled to have the latest and greatest that they could show off to their friends. It didn't matter that they had spent far too much for the hardware. This is the reason that the form factor on the iPhone changes every two years so that it's easily recognized that a person doesn't have the latest device. They would change the design every year except they want the financial advantage of having almost zero development costs for the second year so profits are in the stratosphere. The iPhone was groundbreaking when it came out but it's certainly never stayed that way from a hardware standpoint. However users want to mak...moree the fashion statement so they keep buying in.