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  • ubiquitous_reverser In total agreement. Someone should be in jail for they're billions in tax evasion, or better yet teach them some respect for they're workers and make all of the top execs go sweat it out for a few years at foxconn, they can do 12hrs in the factory and 6hrs on the business side, maybe that will give them a grip on reality. But I bought my first macbook, the 2016 pro base model about 2 months ago now. It was on sale and had better specs than the 13" macbook air I was intending on getting that was on sale, but it was about double the price. As long as the keyboard doesn't fail on me, they've stuck a few times and the space bar has given me a few issues, but it seems to have worked it self out so far, I have a year to get them replaced free at least. I'd say my only gripe is soldered in RAM and CPU. I have a 12yr old Acer I upgraded myself and it could be a hackintosh spec wise. For 1350.00 after tax this should be a quad-core with 16Gb of ram with it's own GPU, but I wanted to switch to a...more macbook, I would have had the air for 800.00, but it only had 125Gb SSD, and a slower CPU. If the keyboard craps out before warranty and the replacement keyboard has any issues I'm out. I'll probably go with the 13" air or a Lenovo and hackintosh it. Windows10 or 8 can go blow it out their tail pipe. I'd say I'd use linux but I'm not a command line guy...yet.