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  • [ ā€“ ] Sebastian_Dangerfield parent reply TheCarelessVoice - Women are not evil. A lion is not evil, but it will kill you. A cobra will bite you because it's in it's nature, but it's not evil. You are making a strawman argument here. MGTOW, at least most MGTOW, do not argue that women are evil. Read some introductory evolutionary psychology. I recommend anything by David Buss. You need to learn how male and female nature is very different, and that males and females have very different interests.
    • [ ā€“ ] TheCarelessVoice parent reply I understand that men and women are fundamentally different on all levels (physical, mental, etc). However, I have seen a lot of MGTOW shit over the years (especially on /r9k/) that demonizes women for their nature. Women are receivers, and men are providers. This makes them naturally more self-centered, and needy. Is that bad? No, I don't think so. Now if a woman is a straight out narcissist, then yeah, she's no good. However, it seems like all MGTOW does is report on all these over-the-top asshole women and try to lump all women together.
    • [ ā€“ ] n0sqix parent reply Next time you're smashing a puss remember that one on the discovery channel with the female praying mantis chopping off the males head while fucking him. Same genetic function, our society just dictates them be vastly more deceptive in the practice.