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  • [ – ] YamiryuuZero Doug, you wanna review something interesting, original and with a lot of passion behind it?! Go review "Little Witch Academia!" LWA is a crowdfunded project by studio Trigger. There are two movies, the first one being on the short side with only 26 minutes, while the second one is 53 minutes long. You can review both on the same video! The two movies were so successful, Trigger ended up making a TV version with the same settings, characters and returning voice actors, although the TV series (still ongoing) follows a different continuity than the movies. I like to think of Little Witch Academia as Trigger's successful attempt at being Disney. It's cheerful, it's brilliantly animated, the cast is full of good characters and the action sequences are great! Trust me, you'll love reviewing it! I haven't watched any of the Dubs, so I recommend getting the subbed version to review. Heard the Spanish and Brazilian subs screw up with one character's voice, although I don't know if the Engli...moresh Dub is good or not.
    • kwendy parent And it began in young animators training project. It really benefits from creative liberty of whole original work - you see every episode animators are having FUN.