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  • Seahorses2017 This post panel directs to "say something nice". I can't. The drivel in this video is infuriating. Men are SO brainwashed into thinking that being a knuckle-dragging, beer drinking, TV (football game) screaming, butt-crack displaying schoolyard bully is the only form of masculinity out there. Disgusting. What a low-life model you aspire to. And it's all about by men, for men, and the special treatment for men. BS! You want respect, then EARN IT. And you don't get respect by being a block-head. Your notions of manhood are infantile at best. You hero worship the rigid and inflexible. Here are some uncomfortable facts, men: In the first 16 weeks in utero ALL human babies are FEMALE, and the proof is that you MEN have nipples on your chests. (So, how about that?) You are born of WOMAN. You are raised and nurtured by WOMEN. And you CONSTANTLY measure your masculinity by WOMEN: (*) how many women you've had, (*) you have a beautiful woman on your arm, (*) you don't put up with any guff from ...moreany woman, (*) you marry women, (*) you need a woman to keep your home (lives) together, (*) when you go out to have a good time you are seeking WOMEN. Grow up and stop being such a pack of infantile idiots (losers).