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  • [ – ] Rerez parent reply Notice the system memory at 0:59? The system has only 25.9gb of free space. What do you folks think about that?
    • [ – ] OzzieArcane parent reply Same thing happened with the Wii U. It's why the 8GB unit was useless because the firmware takes up more then 5GB.
    • [ – ] javiayer parent reply BOTW is like 13GB so micro sd cards are going to be pretty essential
    • [ – ] javiayer parent reply BOTW is like 13GB so micro sd cards are going to be pretty essential
    • bopsterjazz parent reply I get a lot more physical games than digital ones. I bough a mircoSD card incase they decide to throw up a Gamecube Virtual Console, but aside from that, I don't really know if I'll hit that storage cap any time soon.
    • [ – ] Klebers parent reply I've gone digital since Nintendo left Brazil (physical games skyrocketed for both WiiU and 3DS) so I feel a bit sad about the small internal storage (specially now considering how much of it is used for the OS) but the fact that it is SD compatible makes it easier to swallow this bitter pill (have a 64GB sdxc waiting for it already). I'm definitely buying a Switch until the end of the year. i'm already saving money for it, but I'm waiting to see if Nintendo does come back to Brazil or not to decide if I remain a digital format only user or return to physical.
    • LuigiDude16 parent reply I think it should be 100+ gigs, 25.9 just isn't enough if you want digital titles.
    • Pillowhands parent reply 32GB is realistically 29GB due to the way it's calculated. Add the OS and apps and you get 25.9. Find me any storage device that says 32GB and you get 32GB.
    • nick2il parent reply Disappointing, But at least there are SD Card slot so you can add memory for it.
    • jamaljams245 parent reply The games will be on cartridges so there is no need for internal storage unless you're downloading from the eshop